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About Us

We are a community favorite Family Barbershop

We strive to provide best authentic barbershop  services for your family. Est. Sept 11, 2009  Big Al's story starts way before them.  Big Al is a 3rd generation mater barber in his family. His family has over 70 years experience in the tonsorial arts. 

Big Al's Grandfather Manuel Lovio was co owner with his brother Nash lovio, they together opened there shop in early 1950s.  There shop was on the corner of Chicago and 1st street in East Los Angeles.  Later Manuel opened his own shop In East LA it was called Lovio's Barbershop.  It closed its doors for business in 1988. 

Ron Lovio , Big Al's father was a barber but let industry in 70's during hippie long hair era. His brother Bob lovio was also a barber and Big Al's mentor when he got out of barber school. Big Al's daughter is also a licensed barber and 4th generation barber in the Lovio Family.